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We Supply High Quality Window Film For The Commercial Sector

Commercial Film Solutions – perfect for solar control, privacy, company security, building protection and safety. Reduce costs with heat-reflective and anti-glare film.

We have been providing businesses with glazing, solar control and security solutions for many years. Window film has many uses in commercial properties and retail establishments

Heat – Do your staff complain about high office temperatures during the summer? Window film can help manage heat control whilst providing a cost effective, healthier environment to work in.

Solar and UV Protection – Window film will lessen the sun’s glare by up to 85% (dependent on film applied) which will reduce incoming heat and fading to office contents and decoration. Film can be applied to your property without making your offices dark and provide a natural view from your windows. The perfect option for an energy saving, environmentally conscious employer.

Decorative Window Film – Commercial decorative window film can be customised to your unique taste, logo and USP including corporate/business identity and name to replicate company themes and colours.

Safety – Window film includes a shatter-resitant membrane for holding glass together during breakage. This is imporatnt for high-risk areas such as doors, side panels and roofing areas. This is in accordance with workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

Security – Windows are the weakest and most vulnerable access points for intruders to break into an office or commercial premises. The function of security window film is to hold the glass in place and act as a preventative agent for any unauthorised individuals.

Bomb blasts and explosions – Blasts and explosions that occur even a distance away from commercial premises have the power to cause injury and damage to staff and customers and property. The installation of a blast-resistant film will help to absorb the blast energy and prevent the glass from shattering into razor-sharp pieces and reduce damage and injury.

Manifestation – Workplace Health and Safety Regulations highlight the need to have large areas of window glazing and glass doors clearly visible to prevent people walking into the glazing. This can be achieved by printing graphical manifestations and company logos which are affixed to the glass. Patterns such as circles, squares or stripes can also be used to ensure the glazing is made more visible.

Privacy – Concerned about strangers or would-be intruders prying into your commercial premises? Privacy window film provides a frosted appearance whilst still allowing daylight through the film.

Health and Safety – The Workplace (Health and Safety) Regulations (1992) #14 requires employers to make sure that glass within their commercial premises conform to current regulations to ensure the safety or any staff or visitors.

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